About Tom



I have always been interested in the art of photography. My father was in the Air Force most of my young life and I remember traveling throughout Europe in a bright orange Volkswagen bus in 1976 with my family. We didn’t really have the money to stay in hotels so we camped our way through Germany, France, Italy, etc. Through every trip my father, a History major and teacher, never put down his camera. I remember every camera he had from the tiny Rollei, his Zeiss and most recently his Canon AE-1. We have a treasure trove of slides from those days. I was always more interested in the emotion that a photograph evoked. The photos my father took while we visited Dachau concentration camp in Germany still touch me 30 years later. I guess that is why photography is so important to me. I am humbled by the responsibility to capture time. Whether it is a part of history or a bride’s big day. I will never stop loving the art. My desire to capture emotion is far greater than my desire to take a picture.  The term “photojournalism” means to tell a story with photographs, and truly, there is no other way to describe my approach. I would much rather be a “fly on the wall” and capture every event and emotion as it naturally happens than attempt to stage poses.
So now that you know about my approach to photography….. Who am I really?
  • I am a father of 2 beautiful children who make me laugh every day.
  • I am a HUGE Hockey fan. Go Flyers
  • I love to read
  • I was a band geek
  • I am easy going and friendly.
  • I was voted “Most talkative” in school.  :-)
  • I love to cook
  • I am a night owl
  • I hate laundry
  • I am addicted to my iPhone
  • I am proud of my photography but I am my own worst critic
  • I had a mullet and a silk tie with a keyboard on it in high school (That should tell you my age!)
  • I miss my Jeep
  • I feel HONORED to be chosen to capture a couple’s wedding day and take the responsibility very seriously but I sure have fun doing it!
  • The words I most love to hear is “I love you daddy” :-)
  • I am a romantic
Choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision and I want you to be comfortable with your decision. I have over 20 years experience shooting weddings but I am constantly evolving and learning. I have a very laid back personality but I take my art very seriously. I love meeting new people and I hope to hear from you!


Thomas W. Lunt Photography

227 Chestnut Street

New Castle, Delaware 19720